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What is Flashcard Expert?

Flashcard Expert is the ultimate flashcard app that provides several new outstanding features, you will not know from other apps.

  • multi-dimensional: typical flashcard apps support only two sides of a flashcard (a front side and a back side), on each side you can place exacly one attribute, e.g. a vocabulary and its translation. Flashcard Expert can display an arbitrary number of sides with an arbitrary number of attributes on each side.
  • multi-lingual, you can let Flashcard Expert read your card in several different languages. You can learn English, German, French, Italian, Russian and more concurrently
  • Build Editor: this Editor enables you to design and configure the learning template. How should your cards look like? How many sides shall they have and which attribute shall be placed on which side? In addition you can add pauses and formatted text to your card design.
  • Labels: For each cardset you can define some custom labels. While typical apps have only some fix labels, Flashcard Expert enables you to define an arbitrary number of custom labels. This gives you a much better flexibility.
  • Quizlet support: Search and import from millions of predefined cardsets from
Flashcard Expert is available as Free and Pro version. Compared to the Free Version the Pro Version has the following advantages:
  • the number of custom cardsets is unlimited. With the free version the number is limited to 3
  • the Pro Version is adfree.
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